HPA Thread Savers 5-Pack

HPA Thread Savers <br> 5-Pack
HPA Thread Savers
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Product Description

HPA Thread Savers <br> 5-Pack
These screw-on anodized aluminum thread savers will protect the threads of any size HPA bottle. Color is RED or BLACK. We ship which ever color is in stock at the time of order. Each thread saver has a channel on top that allows you to keep a spare HPA bottle O-ring on hand. The thread saver is great for situations where you don't store the launcher with the bottle attached, such as in prisons or correctional facilities, or on a tactical team. The thread saver will keep the threads from being deformed if the air bottle is dropped or abused. Sold in packs of five only.

Launcher maintenance and upgrades should only be performed by certified PepperBall armorers.