SA200 Parts Kit

SA200 Armorer Parts Kit
SA200 Armorer Parts Kit
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Product Description

KIT CONTENTS (184-pieces): Air Fill O-Ring Kit (1), Ball Latch (2), Dowel Pin (10), Fore Grip Latch Pin (2), Front Bolt (2), Guide Pin (2), Latch Bolt SS (2), Latch Clip (2), Linkage Arm (2), Power Tube (1), Rear Sight (2), Rebuild Kit for 5 Launchers (1), Reduction Fitting (2), Safety (2), Safety Snap Ring (2), Stainless Steel Drive Spring (2), Stainless Steel Upgrade Kit (2), Trigger/Sear Spring (4), Valve Complete (1), Velocity Adjust Bolt (2), Velocity Adjust Spring (2).

Tippmann has discontinued some of the parts that are needed by the SA200/Pro Carbine. They no longer make the GRIP LATCH, END CAP, TRIGGER and BARREL (The Tippmann A-5 launcher barrel will fit). Many of the parts on the SA200 will never need replacing, but the parts in this kit are ones that we have found will most often be needed over a period of time. Each kit comes in a utility parts box that is already organized for you. If you bought these same parts from a paintball store, they would cost more than $400 dollars!

Launcher maintenance and upgrades should only be performed by certified PepperBall armorers.