SA200 Soft Parts Kit

SA200 Soft Parts Kit
SA200 Soft Parts Kit
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Product Description

KIT CONTENTS (340 pieces): 30 O-RINGS each for the FRONT BOLT, HPA BOTTLE, BUFFER, END CAP, and AIR VALVE/REAR BOLT. 60 VALVE SEAT O-RINGS are included as this part needs replacement every time the launcher is disassembled. Also included are 10 SCUBA TANK and FILL ADAPTER O-RINGS, 30 SAFETY SNAP RINGS, 10 RED/BLACK SAFETY O-RINGS (these almost never need replacing) and 30 BALL LATCHES.
This kit comes organized in a plastic utility parts box as shown in the picture.

You would pay over $400 dollars for these same parts at a paintball store! Save $130 dollars!

This is the big daddy of all "wearable" parts kits for the SA200. This kit contains enough O-rings to service 30 launchers with almost all of the soft parts that wear out. Buy this kit if you are a big agency looking for the best deal on volume O-rings or a smaller agency that wants to have a few years supply on hand.

*Note: Tippmann has replaced the old SA200 buffer pad with a newer version. The new part looks like a flat-sided O-ring. The good news is that you no longer have to worry about getting the buffer pad in the proper orientation as both sides are flat.

Launcher maintenance and upgrades should only be performed by certified PepperBall armorers.