Frequently Asked Questions

How did you determine what parts or O-rings are included in each kit?
I've have been involved with the PepperBall weapons systems since they were first introduced in 1999. My real-world experience as a law enforcement officer, trainer and armorer gives me a unique perspective to know what parts and O-rings are needed for optimal performance. I designed the kits based on what would be needed if I was the department armorer.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?
Yes, but only from local, state or federal law enforcement agencies. Call or email for a quote that you can submit to your financial office for purchase order approval. Once you get the purchase order, just email it to us and we will ship your items and bill your department.

Do you take custom orders for items not listed in your store?
Yes! We can get almost any part for the SA200, Custom Carbine or TAC700. We do not support or sell parts for the SA-8 or SA-10 pistols. Send us an email or call about the items you want. We'll do a custom quote and let you know if they are special order items or if we have them in stock.

Do you want ideas for new products?
Absolutely! Please let us know your ideas for new products that can help all of us do a better job maintaining these less-lethal weapons systems.