Carbine S Soft Parts Kit

Carbine S Soft Parts Kit
Carbine S Soft Parts Kit
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Product Description

KIT CONTENTS (250 pieces): 30 O-rings each for the BARREL, BUFFER, FRONT BOLT, HPA BOTTLE, REAR BOLT, and VALVE BODY. Also included are 30 BALL LATCHES, and 10 SCUBA TANK and 10 FILL ADAPTER O-rings. 10 RED and 10 BLACK SAFETY O-rings complete the kit (these almost never need replacing). This kit comes organized in a plastic utility parts box as shown in the picture.

This is the big daddy of all "wearable" parts kits for the Custom Carbine. The kit contains enough O-rings to service 30 launchers with almost all of the soft parts that wear out. Buy this kit if you are a big agency looking for the best deal on volume O-rings or a smaller agency that wants to have a few years supply on hand.

Launcher maintenance and upgrades should only be performed by certified PepperBall armorers.