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Product Description

The X-CHRONO is a handheld chronograph that is affordable for smaller agencies. Easy to use: rest on barrel, push and hold down red button and pull the trigger. Readings update automatically every shot. Measures velocity in feet per second (FPS) and measures rate of fire in balls per second (BPS). The chrono has a full 3 digit display readout and is powered by a standard 9 volt battery. The X-CHRONO is accurate, reliable and very affordable.

PepperBall projectiles specified velocity range is 300-350 feet per second. The only way to determine if your agency launchers are within operating spec is to test them on a radar chronograph. Launchers should be velocity checked at least once a year (and whenever performing service on them) and written records should be kept for liability purposes.

Velocity Testing FAQ

The X-CHRONO's velocity measurement range is from 150-399 feet per second. It will also measure the rate of balls fired per second from 4-30 bps. Instructions included.

A 9-volt battery is required for operation (not included).