HPA-LUBE 2 oz. 3-pack

HPA-LUBE 2 oz. 3-pack
HPA-LUBE 2 oz. 3-pack
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Product Description

KIT CONTENTS: Three 2-oz. dropper bottles of HPA-LUBE
Price per oz. = $2.50

HPA-LUBE is the highest quality O-ring lubricant on the market for PepperBall« and other air-powered weapons systems.

Most paintball stores sell gun oil in 1-oz. sizes, which is not enough if your agency has multiple launchers. We sell in larger quantities and offer bulk pricing.

Both the 16-oz. and 1-Gallon Fill Kits come with empty 2-oz. dropper bottles so agencies can fill their own and save money. Extra bottles may be ordered at additional cost. Please call or email for a quote on extra empty 2-oz. bottles or volume purchases. See "About Us" for contact information.

Launcher maintenance and upgrades should only be performed by certified PepperBall armorers.